Join AssetCare

AssetCare will utilize the owner’s and employee’s networks to acquire customers, partners and new colleagues.

AssetCare will focus on integrity within our priority areas applying technical knowledge, system understanding and development of appropriate work processes.

AssetCare and our employees will be flexible for our customer and partners. We intend to be available for both small and large projects.

We will have strong focus on development of our employees using internal workshops and experience exchange.


Looking for new career opportunities?

Desember 2015.

We are ambitious to expand our company with more employees and we are now looking for potential candidates that are willing to take some new career steps together with us in AssetCare.

The following key requirements are forming the basis of our needs:

  • Detailed knowledge and minimum 5 years practical use of SAP PM/MM with regards to technical objects.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with SAP maintenance processes in larger projects.
  • Detailed knowledge on masterdata and maintenance program in SAP.
  • Practical experience in the use of data analysis of existing maintenance data.
  • Understanding of the spare part evaluation processeses.
  • Experience with data exchange between different IT-systems.
  • Knowledge within document handling processes in SAP DMS.

Please contact us for further details, we are looking forward to hear from you!

e-mail: / Phone: 400 41692