Implementation of SAP PM/CMMS including business processes

Systems understanding combined with functional expertise

Our solid technical background with detailed systems understanding is based on many years’ experiences from hands on engineering in industry facilities.

When our technical background is combined with our functional expertise, we believe this is a major key element to a successful SAP PM/CMMS implementation/optimization.

In practice, this means that we often act as a coordinating “lubricant” between the implementation project and the customer/end users. In other words, the project gets better master data tailored to the processes.


Functional implementation

  • Analysis and evaluation of maintenance processes
  • Master Data analysis
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Integration and facilitation towards logistic, finance, HR etc.
  • Integration and facilitation towards end-users (electricians, mechanics, technicians, etc.)


  • Custom courses
  • «On the Job training»

We use NRX AssetHub for handling master data. Here, both we and the customer can monitor progress, quality and KPIs during the process.